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What is Hypergamy?.

Hypergamy is an evolutionary feature which human females have, but prior primates did not. Female chimpanzees indiscriminately mate with any male available, and the only tempering comes from more dominant males chasing away less dominant males. Human females evolved hypergamy though -- she will only mate with a man who she perceives to be the top 10-20% of available men in her environment.

This is why, to this day, human females only mate up and across in socioeconomic class. Conversely, males can only mate down and across. Even census data proves hypergamy is real:

High-earning women (doctors, lawyers) tend to pair up with their economic equals, while middle- and lower-tier women often marry up. In other words, female CEOs tend to marry other CEOs; male CEOs are OK marrying their secretaries.
As human behavior continues to get tracked more and more with apps and websites, OKC's data blog spills the beans on hypergamy:
Women rate an incredible 80% of guys as worse-looking than medium.

Females in College

One of the largest indicators of social hierarchy is educational attainment. And because of hypergamy, women who are lawyers and executives refuse to mate with blue collar men.

As colleges and post-secondary schools like law schools and grad schools continue to use affirmative action to skew admissions in favor of women, this is leaving a wake of single women who are undateable from an evolutionary standpoint. These women won't date down in social status because their biological imperative requires them to mate across or up, but because most universities are graduating 60%+ women, there's a literal shortage of college educated men for these women to mate with. This creates a significant imbalance between the sheer number of college educated men and women (more on the power imbalance below).

Hypergamy in Dating Apps vs Meatspace

Women consistently seek to mate with the top men that they perceive to be available, without regard for their own objective value. In dating apps, all men appear to be available always. Even if a woman has objectively low value features (obese, diseased, infertile, high debt with no income, single mother), she will still seek to mate with the top men that she perceives to be available. I'm not passing judgment... simply that she's following her biological imperative. Since a match does not remove anyone from the mating market online, all men on dating apps appear to be available, and these women who are objectively ultra-low value continue to only swipe right and/or pursue the very top men. All women pursue the same top men on dating apps.

In contrast, social experiences at a bar, club, party, or other social gathering in the real world of meatspace, have a very different interaction. Males and females naturally pair off in social interaction. It's difficult for one male to occupy multiple females at once. As a male occupies a female's time, other men might occasionally challenge that male, but this is rare. As the social gathering continues, when exclusivity is imposed, men and women much farther down the social ranking order will continue to pair off with each other.

Without exclusivity, pairing, or commitment though a small percentage of men easily occupy all women.

Power Imbalance in Modern Dating

Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women. High value men who become aware of their high value are a huge threat to the feminine imperative -- these men eventually realize they do not need to commit to get what they want. High value men can easily have numerous matches and numerous dates offline and on, and without any forced exclusivity or commitment, the small percentage of men at the top can easily occupy the entire available pool of women. These men with harems, for lack of a better term, create a huge power imbalance between the sexes -- the average man who gets non-negligible matches gets 4.3 times more matches than the average female who gets matches. Women who don't play by these men's rules are replaceable.

Meanwhile, the rest of men get nothing. #TheGenderEqualityMyth #Dating #Seduction #TheRedPill #OnlineDating


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